There are few things that we Brits enjoy more than a well-thought-out picnic on a sunny summer day and with the warmer months quickly approaching, why not prepare yourself now with one of our Best of British Wool throws?

While these throws have always been popular as home accessories, they are also perfect for the outdoors where their soft lofty pile makes for comfortable seating, be that laid directly on the ground or over a lounger or chair.

British wool throw - picnic 01
A perfect setting for a teddy bears’ picnic…

The Best of British Collection features three colourways in black, soft grey and brown.  They are generous in size, easily catering for a few picnicking participants (or a collection of teddy bears) and picnic essentials.

Designed to show how well British Wool performs, these undyed throws are both sturdy and soft to the touch.  Made in Yorkshire to the highest of standards, the throws will provide you with many sunny adventures.

British wool throw - picnic 02

For when the sun starts to fade, the three classic designs make for snuggly wraps to keep you warm while you watch the sunset.  Large enough to cosy with company or folded in half for solo-use, enjoy wool’s ‘woolabilities’ while you say goodbye to lovely day of picnicking fun.

The Best of British Throw Collection

The Best of British wool throw collection is made using 100% British wool as licensed by the British Wool Marketing Board and woven in Yorkshire, the home of British Textiles.

BWMB licensee scheme 100% British Wool
British Wool Marketing Board licensee scheme 100% British Wool certification for the Best of British Throw Collection

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One thought on “A very British picnic…

  1. Of course I know exactly what goes into making these fabulous products by Adam. There is no substitute for using the highest quality wool as the foundation of the manufacturing process. There are cheaper products on the market but none have the provenance or heritage of these. Grown, graded, sorted, scoured, carded, combed, woven and finished in the UK providing income and jobs throughout the process.
    No child labour, environmentally friendly, made to last. No microplastic fibres, land and ocean safe, warm and snuggly. I have one in my car and my favourite chair!


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