‘Lerwick’ Heritage Throw

Our new Real Shetland Wool throw range, The Heritage Collection (available here) consists of 17 traditional designs using Jamieson & Smith’s lovely Heritage Real Shetland Wool yarn.

We make our Heritage throws in Yorkshire, combining the textile traditions of Shetland and Yorkshire.

Each of our throws has been named after a location in Shetland and we thought we would tell you a little about the some of the throws and their namesakes.  In this instance, the throw pictured is called ‘Lerwick’, Shetland’s Capital.  The name ‘Lerwick’ stems from Old Norse, which means ‘bay of clay’ with ‘wick’ referring to the shape of the bay.

#15 RSCJE throw
Each throw is approximately 56 x 59″ and comes with a limited edition ‘Crofter’s Card’, a Crofter being a person who farms sheep.  Our Crofter’s Cards are hand-signed by a Shetland Crofter.

Lerwick is Britain’s most northern town and Shetland’s only, with half of the population living within 10miles.


It is also home to Jamieson and Smith, Shetland Wool Brokers, who take in the vast majority of all wool grown in Shetland each year, also known as the ‘wool clip.’  The wool clip that comes into the Wool Brokers’ is bought by Curtis Wool, Jamieson & Smith’s parent company, and then sent down to the mainland for wool processing.  This is the same wool that goes into our Real Shetland Wool products.

Shetland map x

If you ever travel to Shetland from the mainland by sea, then you’re more than likely to call into Lerwick, Shetland’s main port.  While you’re there be sure to pay a visit to Jamieson and Smith, if you’re lucky you may get chance to join a tour of their wool shed and learn more about our lovely Real Shetland Wool.

Real Shetland Wool 3 Sheep logo
Remember, if you don’t see the Real Shetland 3 Sheep logo then it probably isn’t Real Shetland Wool!

If you would like to know more about our throws, please use our contact form or visit our new retail website www.adamcurtisonline.co.uk

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